...is this URL about?

We once had a phenomenally elegant ostrich poster (yes, that is her above) that we named Countess Edna Von Fancypants.  Alas, we lost her precious visage during the move to Portland, but her name never left our thoughts.  We have been discussing lately what our married name will be - whether it will be Morgan, Becker, or some combination like Beckgan or Morbeck and let's be honest, those combinations are just the worst.  So, over drinks one night, we decided that our married name will be Von Fancypants, and since both of us are too stubborn to back down, this will be our married name unless we get a better option.

...do we do with all our pictures?

Pictures of everything but the ceremony, of course, because we are having an unplugged ceremony so you can be fully present.  We have signed up with the free Wedpics App, which allows you to easily share photos via the app (you can also share using the #vonfancypants, but this app consolidates all the photos in one spot).  You can either download the App (just search Wedpics) or go to their website.  Wedding ID is vonfancypants (of course), and from there you can register and upload photos, unless we look ugly, then you can keep them to yourself.

...will we be doing on Sunday?

For those Sunday stragglers, we are trying to come up with a game plan for the day - possibilities include a beach outing, a visit to nearby towns, or our personal favorite, getting out on the water and stalking some mansions while listening to "Margaritaville.".  We have worked with a local cruise company to put together an Island Music Cocktail Cruise around sunset, please see our events page (WHEN) for more details, and you can book your tickets by clicking here.


...will the weather be like?

Probably kinda hot.  We've been told this is the best month for that area, so hopefully it won't be skin-melty hot, but best to prepare for that option.  Then again, there could be unexpected thunderstorms, but this better not happen.  It's a very small chance, and we'll never speak of it again, so stop thinking about it because now you're only jinxing us.  You might want to bring layers in case it gets chilly at night (it is right on the water so there should be a breeze).  Average high is 84° and average low is 65°.

...to wear?

All events will be on the grass (but we will have a dance floor), so flats and wedges are encouraged, but hey, if you can rock a stiletto in the grass, go for it.  Cocktail attire - feel free to rock your own personal style though.  The event will have a vintage, eclectic, Gatsby (without the out of control opulence & murder) nautical vibe, and we happily encourage beaded capelets & cloche hats, anchor bowties or Straw Boaters, or any other festive attire if you feel so inclined (however, definitely not mandatory).

Picture this, but toned down, and with boats.  No need for a tux, gentlemen.  

...to do?

Artsy Easton, MD.

St. Michaels is home to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, as well as the Inn at Perry Cabin (where Wedding Crashers was filmed, see WHERE).  You can spend free hours in town relaxing on the waterfront, kayaking, visiting the quaint shops, or enjoying the Antique Boat Show happening that very weekend.  If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can try exploring the other nearby towns, like Easton or Tilghman Island (check out this Coastal Living feature on the area).  You can find more ideas on the St. Michaels website here



...If we live really really far away from Maryland but really really close to you guys in Portland?

Lucky for you, we are gonna have a celebratory "Oregon Afters" (Bobo's words) party in the Portland area post-wedding on Saturday, August 8th from 5-10 PM.  We totally understand if you can't make the trek out to Maryland, but we hope to party it up in person!  It will be held at Brenda and Mike's house, invitation to come to the locals and those who have expressed interest in traveling from out of town.