St. Michaels, MD, from which has some other gorgeous shots. the location?

Chesapeake Bay in St. Michaels, Maryland

If you plan on attending from out of town, we definitely recommend booking flights as soon as possible - there are some pretty cheap flights on Southwest at the moment, but this is a really popular time so they are sure to rise quickly.  The closest airports are the Baltimore (BWI, about 1 hr, 20 min away), Reagan National Airport (DCA, about 1 hr, 40 min away) or Washington D.C. airport (IAD, 2 hours away).  To get to St. Michaels, we recommend renting a car.

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom..." -Mufasa 

Maybe not our kingdom permanently, but seriously, a lot of this picture will be our kingdom for the weekend.

Yes, it is pretty.  That's why we chose it. the welcome Crab Feast, Wedding Ceremony, and Reception?

Wades Point Inn (technically, it's located in McDaniel, but it's really really close to St. Michaels.)

All wedding festivities will take place at Wades Point Inn, which is 5 miles away from St. Michaels, MD.  The address is 10090 Wades Point Road, McDaniel, MD 21647, (410) 745-2500.  There is plenty of parking at the location, and apparently wild horses.  If you happen to come across the bride trying to wrangle a wild horse into wearing an etsy-bought unicorn horn, I would recommend you just let it be.  Also, there is a graveyard there, so ghosts!

For details on weather & what to wear, see WHAT. Stay?

UPDATE!!!  We have heard from multiple sources that St. Michaels lodging is filling up fast - if you plan on coming and don't already have a place to stay, we recommend making a reservation as soon as possible.

We have a block of twenty rooms reserved for the Becker/Morgan wedding at the Best Western St. Michaels Motor Inn1228 South Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD 21663, (410) 745-3333.  It is a 2 night minimum for $169.99/night.  I highly recommend reserving a room as quickly as possible, as there is an Antique Boat Show in town that weekend (see WHAT) and rooms will fill up fast.  Any reservation you make with the group has a 3 day cancellation policy, and all reservations must be made by May 19th to be part of the wedding block.  

We had previously noted that we would have a shuttle, but due to lack of demand, we will no longer be having one.  For the 2 people who would be using the shuttle, we will be making alternate arrangements for you. Stay Part II:

There are plenty of other places to stay in St. Michaels, including tons of gorgeous B & B's.  There are plenty more in addition to this list:

Dr. Dodson House B&B- Gorgeous brick house just one house from the harbor and steps from popular Talbot Street with its interesting shops and fabulous restaurants.  The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and St. Michaels Museum at St. Mary's Square are nearby, in addition to numerous in-town parks.  Definitely looks haunted.  There are only 3 rooms here, but they're all pretty adorable.

Address: 200 Cherry St, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663
Phone: 410-745-3691

The Old Brick Inn - Made up of three separate buildings, every room has a private bath, many with jacuzzi tubs or showers.  This place is adorable.  ADORABLE.  And is probably only marginally haunted.  Their sign alone makes me want to stay there.  I really feel like they should've added an "e" after "Old," though, right?  Olde Brick Inn?  So much better.

Room Rates: $225-$365/night (2 night minimum)
Address: 401 South Talbot Street, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663
Phone: 410-745-3323

Harbourtowne Golf Resort - Located at the crossroads of the Chesapeake Bay and Miles River, this is for the golfers.  The boring, boring golfers.  Minimally haunted.

Room Rates: $240+/night (2 night minimum)
Address: 9784 Martingham Circle, St Michaels, MD 21663
Phone: 410-745-9066

Aida's Victoriana Inn (pet-friendly... and most certainly ghost-friendly) - The Victoriana Inn is located on the harbor in the Historic District of St. Michaels, Maryland.  The Inn is just 2 blocks from the main street with its splendid shops and its magnificent restaurants, yet removed from the bustle of town.  This actually looks somewhat like a mini-me version of Wades Point Inn (that's where we're getting married by the way if you haven't been paying attention and have yet to RSVP.)

Address: 200 Cherry St, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663
Phone: 410-745-3368

I made you a painting... I call it 'Celebration.'  It's sexual and violent.  I thought you might like it.

Inn at Perry Cabin - So, we've reached the creme de la creme.  This is the mansion from Wedding Crashers.  Yup, the very one where the creepy brother tied Vince Vaughn to a bed.  Obviously, it looks spectacular, but it is definitely a splurge.  They also have a restaurant and a pub if you want to just stare at the awesomeness and peek in rich people's windows.

Hauntedness:  Unknown

Room Rates: Starting at $660/night
Address: 308 Watkins Lane, St Michaels, Maryland, 21663
Phone: 410-745-2200

For even more options, click here: St.